Vermin Hunter

Vermin hunter is a fun hunting game in which you are called upon by the farmers to help them get rid of pesky vermin which are eating the animal feed and destroying property.

Head on out with your favorite rifle and deal with the vermin.

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In Development #2

Next to be developed, is a top down fantasy adventure game.

We have done the initial design and one level, for proof of concept, and we do like it so far.

In Development #3

This one is in it’s very early stages and therefore has no screen shot yet.

This is a real-time strategy game in which the main focus is on gathering and managing resources.

Who and Why

Inturn Games is a small startup game development studio with the focus of creating fun games that people will enjoy playing.

We are ‘who want to make games we enjoy playing and in so doing, share the enjoyment with other gamer’s around the world.